How to prevent Whatsapp from saving photos, audio/video files in your android device

Everyone who owns a smartphone must have Whatsapp installed as it allows to send unlimited SMS, make unlimited Audio/Video calls to friends free of cost. You need not to spend minutes of your mobile, rather it uses WiFi or data plan. 

It is advisable to get unlimited Data plan or WiFi connection to take unlimited advantage of this great instant messaging app.

Whatsapp files auto-save

Getting back to the topic, since we all use Whatsapp in day to day life, it is pretty annoying that it saves whatever photos, video files shared through it. It does not only consume data but occupies substantial space in the device memory.

Since the devices do not have much memory size, having so many files may result in slowing down our device. So to cope with this problem, I’m going to show simple steps by which you can disallow photos, videos and other media from saving in the device. This is quite simple and everyone can do this pretty easily.

Below are the steps to be followed:

Step 1 – Start Whatsapp and go to menu. Alternatively click on the three dots on up right hand arranged vertically.

Step 2 – You will have several options, select “Settings”

Step 3 – After you enter in settings,  you again will have several options, select “Chat Settings” and then “Media auto-download”.

Step 4 – When you click on “Media auto-download, you will have three options where it asks under what conditions you want media files to be saved i.e. when you are connected with data, WiFi or while roaming.

Step 5 – Now open them, it will further give three options image, audio and video. Uncheck all of them and click ok.

Bravo ! you have done it.  From next onwards, it will ask whether to save files or not.

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