WhatsApp reaches 400 million monthly users

This is incredible that WhatApp has crossed their milestone of serving 400 million monthly last month. This wasn’t possible without the continuous efforts that the developers  have been putting in to improve user’s experience. The 400 million users are not those who once used it and left, they are the active users who share stories using this great app.

A big thanks for the Ukrainian Jan Koum and Brian Acton who created this cross platform instant message app which allows users to send /receive audio/video messages to/from the friends, colleague and family members living in the same country or overseas without incurring any additional charges. WhatsApp uses WiFi or data plan of the mobile connection to function, so it is advisable that one gets unlimited internet connection to fully utilise the services provided by the WhatsApp.Whatsapp 400 users

The milestone of 400 million users per month is a big achievement for the company as with just 40 engineers, they managed to serve users double the Facebook. Out of 400 million user counts, 100 million users have joined the group in just last four months.

The company makes money by charging $0.99 for the users for whole year after giving them one year free subscription. The subscription fee of $0.99 is pretty much  justifiable for the great service that WhatsApp is offering to their users.

By now the use of WhatsApp isn’t limited to entertainment i.e. chatting, sending pictures/videos, various doctors, teachers, politicians, lawyers, engineers are using the said app to send/receive reports and other documents as it is a very quick and cheaper (cost effective) way of communication.

WhatsApp has been receiving healthy competition with the rivals like WeChat, LINE, Viber, Tango etc. who have attracted a big chunk of users but they are way behind WhatsApp. In most of the cases, the users of above said apps aren’t the primary users of them, they have been using these apps as the secondary choice. 

The future plan of the creators of this app is to empower people with easy communication and they have achieved the objective to some extent, this is a beginning of the revolution. 

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